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Pound for a Purpose

If you are a seasoned runner then you will know that dedication and determination are key ingredients to motivation.  A quick click through to Wikipedia defines motivation as “a theoretical to explain behaviour.  It gives the reason for people’s actions, desires, and needs”.  Umm sounds a bit stuffy to me… my own take on this is that motivation involves tip top ingredients in the recipe that is self, both physical, mental and emotional.  Now, a psychologist I am not, but what I am, is an unashamed plodder! I get out there, I love running, and I enter events to give me a purpose to train.  However sometimes I flag – its wet, its cold or I am just too tired or too busy at the office.  That’s where I need outside encouragement.  Yes, there is that guy at the gym who does personal training and there are park runs and running clubs but to bring added enthusiasm into my own mix but sometimes even that isn’t enough.

So ….to extend my stride of purpose to a new pace I seek out a worthwhile charity to support and raise a bit of dosh for a good cause whilst I am going through the pain.  Sometimes I have very personal links to those  organisations, other times I just think they are pretty brilliant at what they do and acknowledge they need money to help.

Did you know that there are over 160,000 registered charities in the UK?  There are many more struggling clubs and associations at the grassroots level in your local community.  All of these desperately need funds to continue to help others.  Raising funds for a good cause is easy when you have a  sense of purpose – you do the hard bit by taking part in the event – but by raising your profile of your efforts to those who can’t do the same, ie your friends, family and work colleagues, you might just raise a few quid as sponsorship in the process and with gift aid pledges you can get the charity 25% more without any additional cost to the donor.

If you would like some advice about how you go about this, Eventrac has a team member who is very knowledgeable about the not for profit sector and she will happily give advice.  However if you think you could raise some pennies for those less fortunate than yourself through your passion for event participation then just check with your event organiser.  If there is no conflict of interest with your charity of choice I am sure they would be very happy for you to raise funds.  So go on….raise some sponsorship doing something you enjoy and “pound for a purpose”!