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On your marks – get set – Blog………….

The race season is underway, spring is in the air and the new year resolve that might have been packed away on the darker days is now back – you only have to go out for a jog before work to see so many people there are out enjoying that refreshing early morning air.  We’ve decided to get even more active too and taking feedback into account about what our users want and need we have incorporated a new blog page on this website.

Ok… so blogs are everywhere and you are all busy people….  if we were attaching this to the starters gun it would not make too much noise I agree – but every novice has to start somewhere even on the blog front so stick with me on this!.  We are all sports enthusiasts and our mantra is everyone has to start somewhere.  I predict rapid improvement on my own training front here and want this blog spot to be an active resource for yours too!

Just to focus on Eventrac for a moment…   Our entry platform is proving to be a winner – both with event organisers and participants.  As I write we have just observed our 80,000th participant’s entry to date –that’s an amazing number of people covering incredible distances on race days and, of course, there is then all the miles covered during the training in the lead up to them – thats a lot of really fit people!   We are so much in awe of you all – your dedication for sport is incredible – whether you are a race organiser or a participator you are truly awesome so thank you for using Eventrac – it’s a great partnership.

We here at Eventrac want this blog to be informative and helpful.  We want to hear about real life stories from you – anything from the challenges you face as an organiser, the incredible achievements of those who take part in your events, your tips and hints, your motivations and your successes.  Please send me through your own blog content or give your wishlist feedback and let me know what you need to know.  We will do our best to highlight your event or create meaningful content that is useful.  Contact Ros at