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First ever marathon? Harness the energy!

On Sunday 23 April thousands and thousands of runners will take part in the UK’s biggest running event – the London Marathon – we wish them all a great race experience.  If you are one of these then you will have spent many gruelling months training and getting race ready.  For many participants,  this will be their first ever marathon event.  Some will go on to take part in many more events but others may just feel that they want a break and for them taking part in such an iconic event will be a one-off achievement.   After any major event you need to rest your body – all the running coaches and magazines will tell you this and it is the right thing to do – the body needs to recover but that doesn’t stop your mind continuing to run at a reasonable pace!  To keep the psychological momentum at its fitness peak spend some time looking up other events or even consider joining a running club.  You worked so hard so you owe it to yourself to continue thinking about running, pat yourself on the back, hang up the medal and consider your next challenge.  Harness all that energy you created to plan ahead.  There is so much potential out there to exercise your running psyche and keep your body fitness levels high.

Supporting local events offers you some great experiences and some of them have pretty decent medals too if you are wanting to start a collection of trophies.  They may not be such high profile events as the London Marathon but there are some fantastic events out there that would be equally rewarding (and cheaper) to enter that take you on routes across beautiful scenery or perhaps past wonderful heritage, day time or even at night, in land or on the coast, in the country or in the town etc,  that are extrememly well organised and where you can meet others of like mind.

The Eventrac website has a host of events for you to browse whilst those muscles recover – all organised by passionate sports organisers for the experienced competitive or novice fun runner.  So why don’t you run your eyes over a great selection of events – check out our listings  -while you put your feet up after the last race.  There could be another event  just around the corner with a number waiting for your name to go on!  Support your local area and take part in friendly and welcoming local events.    Well done – now put all that pent up energy to good use and set yourself your next goal and let Eventrac take the strain out of the entry process.