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Blister busting!

Congratulations to all those 1000s of runners who took part in the London Marathon yesterday, whether elite, club or novice runners. It is truly an amazing event and a great race result for you but what about your other footfall result – how are your tootsies today? A bit sore – oh dear – or maybe you’ve been unlucky enough to get a blister or two down at the lower end of those over-used extremities after going the distance. Those of us who have been there on that particularly uncomfortable journey have huge empathy with what you are going through – the blister is truly the runners curse!

If that was your foot fall result yesterday (or at any other recent event you have taken part in over the weekend) then we are sorry to hear about this temporary setback. The good news is that a blister soon goes and perhaps the euphoria of your triumph yesterday may be masking any pain or you haven’t had to squeeze your toes back into the work shoes yet anyway. Time to analyse why you got the blister later – for now you just want it to go right? Ok so before you take any drastic action we suggest you do take some advice to avoid any nasty infection that might delay you getting back into the training for your next event.

There are loads of remedies that I’m told you can apply to blitz that blister – cider vinegar, Epsom Salts (ouch that stings), chamomile compresses, soaking in green tea (aaahh that’s so soothing), tea tree oil, vitamin E, aloe vera etc can all bring relief, particularly if you are into alternative therapies. The NHS website has some very sensible advice too and those special second skin blister patches will surely need to go down in history as one of the true wonders of the medical world.  I find they bring instant relief!  Just try everything and see what suits you. Of course then there is the other side effect for the long distance runner – black toe nail trauma – but I won’t go into that now as anyway it could be weeks before yours falls off anyway!

Seriously, it was a long day yesterday and your feet deserve some praise for all their hard effort – so give them some TLC for the next few days and then maybe go out and buy some new socks and shoes, and a jar of Vaseline too perhaps, to give them a treat before their next running outing. We hope to see you and your healthy feet at one of our events soon.

Well done from us all here at Eventrac!