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First ever marathon? Harness the energy!

On Sunday 23 April thousands and thousands of runners will take part in the UK’s biggest running event – the London Marathon – we wish them all a great race experience.  If you are one of these then you will have spent many gruelling months training and getting race ready.  For many participants,  this will be their first ever marathon event.  Some will go on to take part in many more events but others may just feel that they want a break and for them taking part in such an iconic event will be a one-off achievement.   After any major event you need to rest your body – all the running coaches and magazines will tell you this and it is the right thing to do – the body needs to recover but that doesn’t stop your mind continuing to run at a reasonable pace!  To keep the psychological momentum at its fitness peak spend some time looking up other events or even consider joining a running club.  You worked so hard so you owe it to yourself to continue thinking about running, pat yourself on the back, hang up the medal and consider your next challenge.  Harness all that energy you created to plan ahead.  There is so much potential out there to exercise your running psyche and keep your body fitness levels high.

Supporting local events offers you some great experiences and some of them have pretty decent medals too if you are wanting to start a collection of trophies.  They may not be such high profile events as the London Marathon but there are some fantastic events out there that would be equally rewarding (and cheaper) to enter that take you on routes across beautiful scenery or perhaps past wonderful heritage, day time or even at night, in land or on the coast, in the country or in the town etc,  that are extrememly well organised and where you can meet others of like mind.

The Eventrac website has a host of events for you to browse whilst those muscles recover – all organised by passionate sports organisers for the experienced competitive or novice fun runner.  So why don’t you run your eyes over a great selection of events – check out our listings  -while you put your feet up after the last race.  There could be another event  just around the corner with a number waiting for your name to go on!  Support your local area and take part in friendly and welcoming local events.    Well done – now put all that pent up energy to good use and set yourself your next goal and let Eventrac take the strain out of the entry process.

Pound for a Purpose

If you are a seasoned runner then you will know that dedication and determination are key ingredients to motivation.  A quick click through to Wikipedia defines motivation as “a theoretical to explain behaviour.  It gives the reason for people’s actions, desires, and needs”.  Umm sounds a bit stuffy to me… my own take on this is that motivation involves tip top ingredients in the recipe that is self, both physical, mental and emotional.  Now, a psychologist I am not, but what I am, is an unashamed plodder! I get out there, I love running, and I enter events to give me a purpose to train.  However sometimes I flag – its wet, its cold or I am just too tired or too busy at the office.  That’s where I need outside encouragement.  Yes, there is that guy at the gym who does personal training and there are park runs and running clubs but to bring added enthusiasm into my own mix but sometimes even that isn’t enough.

So ….to extend my stride of purpose to a new pace I seek out a worthwhile charity to support and raise a bit of dosh for a good cause whilst I am going through the pain.  Sometimes I have very personal links to those  organisations, other times I just think they are pretty brilliant at what they do and acknowledge they need money to help.

Did you know that there are over 160,000 registered charities in the UK?  There are many more struggling clubs and associations at the grassroots level in your local community.  All of these desperately need funds to continue to help others.  Raising funds for a good cause is easy when you have a  sense of purpose – you do the hard bit by taking part in the event – but by raising your profile of your efforts to those who can’t do the same, ie your friends, family and work colleagues, you might just raise a few quid as sponsorship in the process and with gift aid pledges you can get the charity 25% more without any additional cost to the donor.

If you would like some advice about how you go about this, Eventrac has a team member who is very knowledgeable about the not for profit sector and she will happily give advice.  However if you think you could raise some pennies for those less fortunate than yourself through your passion for event participation then just check with your event organiser.  If there is no conflict of interest with your charity of choice I am sure they would be very happy for you to raise funds.  So go on….raise some sponsorship doing something you enjoy and “pound for a purpose”!

A day in the life of our founder

Eventrac’s founder Aaron Bird is a driven sportsman who, as a regular competitor in challenge events, became frustrated by inconsistencies in the processes of event entry and decided to do something about it.  A keen sportsman and challenge event participant himself,  Aaron has blended his entrepreneurial traits, software development skills, professionalism and sound experience to create the expanding business that is Eventrac which now thrives on delivering a cutting edge entry platform for event organisers and event participants.

Aaron believes that keeping fit adds to your creativity.

“I do most of my planning and thinking when I am out on my long runs he says”.  “My working day starts at 5.30 am with either a 10 mile run or a 1.5 hour stint on my turbo trainer or a long cycle on the back roads in rural West Sussex.  After a healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs and avocado on toast I then set off to the office or to the meeting of the day.  “I really enjoy what I do, it’s a privilege to work in the sporting arena and observe so much activity going through the site and know that it gives so much pleasure to so many active people”.

After a lunch break that involves a visit to the gym for a speedy workout, its then back at desk for the rest of the day, supporting the team, going to meetings, networking, perhaps attending the occasional conference, seminar or exhibition as a speaker.  No two days are the same.

“I get to meet very inspiring people and am so impressed with the dedication and passion that event organisers have to promote their sport of choice”.

Aaron goes on to say..

“At the moment the site entries are focussing on those events that I myself participate in and have knowledge of, but that is by no means the site’s limitations, and we have some new themed events in the pipeline.  I have a great team working with me and as Eventrac grows even bigger we will be promoting a range of events across the event entry continuum.

Eventrac is underpinned by client referrals, endorsements and trust.  The company offers the event organiser an intuitive and flexible platform to promote events.  We look forward to a long association with you and play a part in helping to encourage your participants to return year on year.

On your marks – get set – Blog………….

The race season is underway, spring is in the air and the new year resolve that might have been packed away on the darker days is now back – you only have to go out for a jog before work to see so many people there are out enjoying that refreshing early morning air.  We’ve decided to get even more active too and taking feedback into account about what our users want and need we have incorporated a new blog page on this website.

Ok… so blogs are everywhere and you are all busy people….  if we were attaching this to the starters gun it would not make too much noise I agree – but every novice has to start somewhere even on the blog front so stick with me on this!.  We are all sports enthusiasts and our mantra is everyone has to start somewhere.  I predict rapid improvement on my own training front here and want this blog spot to be an active resource for yours too!

Just to focus on Eventrac for a moment…   Our entry platform is proving to be a winner – both with event organisers and participants.  As I write we have just observed our 80,000th participant’s entry to date –that’s an amazing number of people covering incredible distances on race days and, of course, there is then all the miles covered during the training in the lead up to them – thats a lot of really fit people!   We are so much in awe of you all – your dedication for sport is incredible – whether you are a race organiser or a participator you are truly awesome so thank you for using Eventrac – it’s a great partnership.

We here at Eventrac want this blog to be informative and helpful.  We want to hear about real life stories from you – anything from the challenges you face as an organiser, the incredible achievements of those who take part in your events, your tips and hints, your motivations and your successes.  Please send me through your own blog content or give your wishlist feedback and let me know what you need to know.  We will do our best to highlight your event or create meaningful content that is useful.  Contact Ros at