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Eventrac Facebook checklist

Quick fire questions:

How long should you spend on your Facebook presence?

At least 30 minutes a day

Do I need to be a social whizz?

Nope! everything can be done step by step, our team can advise you

Is my event too small for this to be worthwhile?

Of course not, whether you want to boost entries or use it as a platform to communicate key race information it will work for you

Where do I start with Facebook ads?

Facebook ads can be very powerful tools to grow your race entries into the 1000s, get in touch for a free consultation

How will this help you?

  • Establishes a professional look for your brand or event that gives an air of digital credibility to the races you organise
  • Helps potential participants easily find your entry forms and important links as well as contact you quickly and efficiently so you can convert them into paying entrants
  • Allows you to build a community of people that can engage together on Facebook which increases post event activity such as positive reviews and helps retention rate for future races allowing you to spend more time tapping into new markets
  • Explains how you can best utilise Facebook pages, events, groups, photo albums and in built page shops

The checklist

  1. Have you created your Facebook page and added all the important content: Once you have made your page you will want to fill out all the important information about your business and race(s) you will want to edit your page ‘about’ section to include your location, your contact details, and some blurb about your goal as an event organiser. Make sure you add a high quality logo as your profile picture and a cover photo or video that shows off an exciting moment from one of your events. You can then hop into your ‘photos’ and ‘videos’ tabs to upload all your race content, this will give entrants an idea of what is is like to be at one of your events and also let people that have taken part tag themselves and friends to remind them of the experience, making them more likely to come back!
  2. Can people message your page to ask for more information: Sometimes potential participants are unsure whether to enter and just need that helping hand or quick bit of advice to push them to make that next step. Using Facebook you can use the platforms ‘auto-response’ service to include a welcoming message to people that visit your page encouraging them that you are there to assist. These messages are available to edit under your page settings and are very useful in optimising your digital customer service experience. Make sure you reply quickly to any queries so that you can help convert any potential entrants and also answer any important questions to make race day run more smoothly.
  3. Does your race or races have a Facebook ‘event’: If not then WHY NOT, this is a must for your race. It is straightforward to create a Facebook event. Once done you can add your race info, images and share the event to help build interest, you will be able to see who has marked themselves as ‘going’ and who is ‘interested’ and you can use your partners and sponsors to share your event to help get this in front of more people. This is a quick win to help get people inviting friends and also getting your race in front of people local to your event that are actively looking for something to take part in. You can also use your Facebook event to help get key messages across to runners or also promote things such as competitions or post entry links within the event to convert those that have marked an interest in taking part. Everytime you post in this event, participants will receive a notification which is much more effective than posting from your page.
  1. Do you use the ‘groups’ ‘reviews’ ‘shop’ or ‘community’ tabs: Being active on Facebook for you is all about building a group on entrants that can talk to each other and achieve their goals and feel a part of something. Facebook is great for building that feeling through the use of these extra tabs that you can add to your page. Promoting post race reviews on your Facebook page is also key to helping improve your credibility and compete with other events. Be sure to also reply to any negative reviews so you can act quickly to resolve these issues and turn them into happy future participants! If you sell merch it is also worth setting up a Facebook shop, this acts as an extra revenue stream for your business and a quick way to get rid of those race tees you have been stacking up!
  2. Have you tried Facebook ads: If not and you want to grow your race you are missing out on this pool of entrants just waiting to see your event, whether your budget is £10 or £500 you can gain 100s through easy to set up targeted ads, give us a shout.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions or would like some help on maximising your Facebook you can contact