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Eventrac Opening for Entries

Don’t miss those extra keen runners, what are you waiting for?

Quick fire questions:

How long should you spend on your Race Listing on Eventrac?

As long as you want, it is fairly quick to set up your event but bear in mind that the more time you put into it the more value you will get out. It is worth adding course maps, videos, extra information and directions. This will make your entrants feel confident in the race you are putting on.

Do I need to be a tech whizz?

Nope! everything can be done step by step, our team can advise you. The Eventrac platform is built for ease of use and is optimised for Race Organisers who don’t want to spend their limited time being hands on with the admin behind managing entries.

Is my event too small for this to be worthwhile?

Of course not, an effective race listing can help your current entrants feel confident and committed to your events whilst also attracting new participants.

What to I get out of this?

The race experience for your entrant begins the moment they see your race listing and think about entering. If you provide content rich information this helps gain their trust and interest and helps you compete with similar events!



What to do

So this year’s race has just finished, what do you do? If your race went to plan and you are confident that you are going to go ahead for next year then open for entries ASAP! What are you waiting for? Once you have the permission and the basics confirmed such as a rough route, license and you are all go then there is no reason to hold back from accepting entries.


Entrants from this year may be keen to enter again and you want to capture them whilst they are still relishing their latest achievement taking part in your event. The moment you start gaining entries these are all people that will start talking about your race to their friends and family and they can utilise the Eventrac social sharing tool to help spread the word.


Opening your race up for entries a few months sooner can capture 20, 50, 100, or even 300+ entrants or more depending on how well you market your race’s USPs. Eventrac has a Email Marketing tool that is simple to use and you can communicate to your database – giving them the latest information about your route, medal, goody bags, sponsors or special offers that will help prompt them to sign up.


When you have more information about your race you can edit your Eventrac race listing and add in your course maps, videos, merchandise and more. The more time you spend optimising this the more chance there is that someone looking to enter your event will enter. You will want to make sure your website and race listing is accurate and looking at it’s best before you start looking at any paid marketing such as Facebook ads so that it gives you the best possible chance to convert that traffic into participants.


One trick you can do is to take advantage of the ‘new year’s resolution rush’ this is a great time to promote your race to people looking to enter their next big event for next year. Between the months of October – January you should be looking into pushing your new year’s message our on all your platforms to let everyone know why your race is the best new year’s challenge!


Finally, make sure you keep all your entry data secure and safe, this is what you will be using to market your race entries for years to come.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions or would like some help on maximising your Race Listing you can contact